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About The Project

The Harlem Stories Project was started in 2013 in order to tap into the stories of East Harlem.

10 years later, we are relaunching our efforts to capture the community through the stories themselves that sustain them.  


The Project creates after school space for middle schoolers to tell their stories and those of their community. With the support of an experienced theater practitioner and group of facilitators, the community through theater, together.


Supported by our children's families, experienced educators, and experts in story-telling and theater, The Harlem Stories Project imagines, writes, and performs pieces of original theater based in Harlem.  


To read more about our vision, read on below!

Through theater, we believe all youth can embrace who they are,
define their future, and become leaders in the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a platform, resources, and support for middle schoolers to tell their stories and those of their community. Through theater, we embrace the creativity and joy that comes with being a part of an ensemble.  

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Our Vision

Young people in West Harlem will excavate for stories in their community. 


Throughout the process, we will study the tenets of improvisation and public speaking. 


As we build our confidence and cultivate the stories we want to see, we embody the leadership and empathy that come with stepping into somebody else’s shoes in order to tell their story. 

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